Lapis Sofa

Organic forms, timeless beauty.

A new take on the relaxing experience.

Lapis can take different sizes and combinations according to the spaces and needs: from the most classic and traditional shape to irregular and free combination. 

The padding is in memory foam to give excellent resilience and to retain the shape. 

A simple design, but refined at the same time that retrieve the temporal dimension as the main element of man’s wellbeing.

A new take on the relaxing experience.

Secret analogies pull together man history and nature.

Like an ancient Roman pavement emerging from a rural landscape, Lapis geometries take forms which recall the stones smoothened by the time, giving life to an original volume game. 

Not just a simple sofa: the living concept designed by Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristelli is a new interpretation of the relaxing experience which goes back to the civilisation’s origins itself. 

It is the new softness created by nature and moulded by wise artisan hands that lessen any roughness and allows the human being to find himself.

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