You Can Rest
Italian Design Furniture



In Amura’s world, craftsmanship has always kept a central role. It is no surprise as the territory we were born into has always been a proper artisanal wisdom mine, an asset of experience and culture to be protected and enhanced. And this is the secret of Amura: an absolute merger between contemporary design, technology and manufacturing quality that brings into the homes all over the world not only great value furniture, but also and above all, the universe of values in which they are generated.

For us, tradition it is not a synonym of dust and old. Quite the opposite: the challenge is to combine the contemporary design trends with the artisan savoir faire to produce an excellent product that can last over time.

Our artisan experience and mastery, the endless beauty research, the innovation sense and the high quality of the materials chosen: these are the elements that identify ourselves and make Amura a paradigm of Made in Italy in the world.

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