Italian design furniture

New opening in SOHO | New York City

Italian design furniture

New opening in SOHO | New York City


Amura’s timeless design meets New York’s contemporary expressiveness. In the heart of Soho, the new flagship store tells the story of our Puglia heritage, a land that is a heritage of craft wisdom, experience and culture to be protected.

An oasis of calm and regeneration in the hustle and bustle of the metropolis: Amura’s new flagship store is an invitation to savour every moment. The art of living slowly, to rediscover the true essence of life.


In our gaze, we bring the strong and heart moving of Italy Mezzogiorno beauty. In our hands, the passion and the accurate craftsmanship with which we produce timeless design settings, able to combine the memory of the origins with the future of design.

Amura from the World

Amura is a young company from Southern Italy who designs and manufactures contemporary iconic furniture design, collecting the legacy of a land always linked to the production of high craftsmanship.

That’s the formula: an absolute merger between contemporary design, technology and manufacturing quality that brings into the homes all over the world not only great value furniture, but also and above all, the universe of values in which they are generated.


Amura is not only a brand, but a laboratory of research and experiments on shapes, design, trends and materials, with an incessant look at innovation that never abandons the foundations of the craft and of its origins.
In an increasingly interconnected world, it is not enough to create functional spaces: our mission is to develop interiors that raise our senses and generate true and real emotions.