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Authentic Inspiration

We live thousand kinds of love every day.
But love for places is the best medicine in the world.

Franco Arminio


Warm southern colours blend elegantly with deep blue sky above Altamura. Walking through the tangled maze of small and stony streets, we can smell the fresh baked bread that mixes with the background noises of the many artisan workshops.

It is a place to be felt with an open heart, a vigorous land with a sincere and authentic beauty. It is not a place of the past, but a space that invites to put the perspective upside down. To create a new future.


It is in this microcosm made of culture, of (endless) traditions, of artistic contaminations and continuing innovation that Amurais born, the brand of furniture made in Italy that carries with itself the strong and unique beauty of Southern Italy.

A young company that pursues the creation of timeless design settings with passion and accurate handmade attention, able to combine the memory of origins with the future of design. From the careful materials selection to the innovative design research, every step of the creation brings the permanent mark of the most genuine Southern atmosphere.

Amura from the World

Projects, collaborations, case studies.
In an increasingly interconnected world, it is no longer enough to create functional spaces:
our mission is to develop interiors that enhance our senses and generate real emotions.

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