60 Grand St - New York, NY 100013


Italian luxury furniture design
New Opening in NYC

NYC Flagship Store

NYC Flagship Store

Located in New York in the heart of Soho in 60 Grand Street, the new Amura showroom is a multi sensory space divided into 5 areas, including the area that hosts the collection where visitors can touch the quality of Amura products.

A relaxed and regenerated oasis in the metropolis hustle: the new Amura Flagship Store tells the uniqueness, the warmth and hospitality of Southern Italy. A place where, finally, you can rest.


Amura is a young company from Apulia, a Southern Italy land which has always been linked to high quality craftsmanship

It is not just a brand, but a research lab that pursues with passion and careful craftsmanship the creation of timeless design settings, able to combine the memory of the origins with the future of design

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This is the formula: a total fusion between contemporaneity, technology and artisan quality, to bring in the houses of the whole  world not just high value furniture, but also – and above all – the universe of values in which they are generated


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