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We are so excited to announce that The World Around’s third annual summit celebrating architecture and design’s now, near and next will be an expanded weeklong event with two international live venues taking place on consecutive Saturdays in 2022!

The World Around was founded in New York in 2020 by Diego Marroquin and Beatrice Galilee. Our global platform seeks to connect and create a diverse and international network of the most exciting and creative designers and thinkers with wider industry professionals through high impact educational initiatives, including our annual conference as well as online events, interactive workshops, residencies, exhibitions, and newsletters. The World Around is a public charity recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We are proud to present this year’s summit in collaboration with both Guggenheim and our European partner, Het Nieuwe Instituut. The global roster of speakers and participants will be reflecting on their recent projects and addressing the most pressing issues, projects and ideas in the discipline today.

Expect to see and hear inquiries into climate change, radical new approaches to education, preservation, and stories of ecological imagination as well as digital strategies to address homelessness, the growing international movement of geo-design as well as our usual highlights of the year’s most extraordinary, inspiring and provocative new structures, films, books and research projects.