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Monti Studio

Alessandra Monti, after graduating from Brera Academy in Milan, started her career as a set designer for cinema and advertising.
In 2008 she founded her styling and set design studio, collaborating with brands such as De Padova, Desalto, Luceplan, Trussardi.

After university studies in Philosophy, Francesca Prandelli worked as a producer of a photographic studio in Milan and in 2008 she founded the brand Pigr,
with the position of talent scouting and logistic manager.
In 2014 she moved to Lake Como where she met Alessandra.

Since 2016 Alessandra and Francesca have been designing products for companies and private clients, taking care of the whole process, from design development to construction.
Their production recovers a dialogue between story and communication, functionality and beauty. Artistic direction, image consultancy, home and office renovation, stands set up, photographic and video set design, interior design for private spaces and offices, are the main activities of the studio.


Origini marble




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