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“Decorate the living, thanks to its strong personality”. Wazaa fills the space with nonconformist style. Informal starting from the name, which reminds of “what’s up?” of the chats between friends in the living room. Designed for those who love design and look for the maximum comfort, Wazaa decorate the living thanks to its strong personality and the possibility to modulate the different components according to the spaces and aesthetic needs. With Wazaa, in fact, there are no edges and stiffness, in a riot of sinuosity fifties flavour.



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Amura is a young company from Southern Italy who designs and manufactures contemporary iconic furniture design, collecting the legacy of a land always linked to the production of high craftsmanship.

That’s the formula: an absolute merger between contemporary design, technology and manufacturing quality that brings into the homes all over the world not only great value furniture, but also and above all, the universe of values in which they are generated.

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