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Private House | Zurich, Switzerland

Casa Calanda is a project for a house in Zurich, Switzerland, inspired by the use of only natural materials, as can be seen from the contrasts between the various types of wood. The whole house was built and furnished according to the philosophy of Feng shui, which literally means “wind and water” in Chinese. The wind is the sky, the air that carries the puffy clouds of rain, the water without which every creature on the planet could not survive, which is why the sofa is blue. The ancient discipline of feng shui is considered indispensable and is a set of practices for reading and interpreting the landscape, the shapes of buildings and the spaces inside buildings, with the aim of avoiding negative influences of various kinds that can affect buildings and people.

The Amura products used are the Lapis sofa chaise longue in blue leather, Lapis tables in Canaletto walnut and the Muta lamp from the Be line.

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