Gareth Neal - Amura

Gareth Neal

Gareth Neal has a unique approach to design, developed through a strong creative curiosity that brings him to originally reintepret the mundane and daily. That’s how he contributed to shape a new era in the context of design and artisanship.
The spectrum of his activities ranges from one-off pieces for international collectors’ market , to “custom” projects for end consumers, to design of furniture accessories on a wide scale.

He is working with the Brighton University in an experimental project that will blend traditional processes and digital production, through the creation of objects that will intuitively express materials and functions.
“My goal – in his own words – is to create objects that could have a long life, for a more sustainable future”. His works have been shown around the world, from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to the Art and Design Museum in New York. He has developed projects for the industry as well, from shoes to automotive.


Ease armchair