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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text strings that the websites visited send to the devices, where they are stored and relayed once the user visits the website again.
Cookies may perform different functions and have got different features. Cookies can be used by Data Controller either by Third Parties.
Here below you’ll find all the information related to cookies used by the present website, together with the instructions which will help you to manage your cookies preferences.

Cookies used by the present website
The use of cookies is included in privacy policy – general conditions issued by Data Controller, N.E.W.S. Srl. – with legal headquarter registered office in SS. 96, km. 96+800, Z.I. Mellitto, 70025 Grumo Appula (BA). For Privacy Policy pursuant section 13 of Italian Data Protection Code click here.

1. Technical cookies that don‘t require user consent
Cookies used in order to perform activities strictly necessary for the functioning of the present website and for the provision of the service:

Cookies used in order to save the user’s preferences and to optimize website functions:

Statistic cookies used directly from Data Controller in order to collect aggregate information: Technical Cookies.
Third part Google Analytics without profile user IP address.


Privacy policy:
Opt – Out:

All technical cookies do not require user’s consent, this is why they are install automatically following the user access to the website.

2.Cookies that require user‘s consent
All cookies different from technical cookies above mentioned are installed / activate only after user prior express consent to be released on the first visit on the website. The consent may be expressed in general manner, by interact with cookie banner, according to the different modality explained in the banner (e.g. by click on OK button or X banner; by continuing the visit on the website, by scrolling down or link); otherwise the consent may be supplied / not supplied in a selective way, following the modalities below. Your consent will track in occasion of different and future website visits. User have, in any case, the right to rovoke at all or partially – your expressed consent.
a) Profiling cookies to send advertising messages in line with the user’s online navigation preferences, managed directly from Data Controller: not used

b) Third Part cookies: Through this website we install Third Part cookies. Here below we supply you with some instructions and a link to Third Part privacy policy together with consent form. You can express your consent for the use of all the cookies by continuing to visit this website or by closing this pop-up.
b1) profiling advertising cookies: not used
b2) retargeting cookies: not used
b3) social network cookies: we use social network cookies to share social network consent.
Here below you’ll find the Third Parties names and for each cookie link to the Third Part page where you’ll receive all the information related to data processing and you’ll have the possibility to manage your consent

Access to informations: AddThis

b4) statistics cookie: not used

Remember that you can manage your cookies preferences through browser setting
If you don’t know type / version of your browser, please click on button, in the up right corner of this window. Here you’ll find all the necessary informations.
If you know the type/version of your browser please click on the correspondent link below to access the cookies managing page.
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