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“A few years of collaboration have left a trace over and beyond the products and have modified and enriched the physiognomy of the people linked to this common partnership in making, making together.”

OMBRE E MACCHIE Luca scacchetti

“A collection of things pinned on seemingly insignificant sheets of paper. Messy colored spots that, observed by those who know how to look, have become products.”

Luca scacchetti

“Three pieces dedicated to botanicals, flowers, bulbs, blossoms. Seats conceived as just bloomed flowers, which have tense exterior, with swollen curves and volumes, and a softer, comfortable, imprecise and more organic interior.”

Luca scacchetti

"I am sure that something of mine must also remain: or, at the worst, only in leathers and fabrics, in the seams, in the comfortable but never slovenly padding, and, at best, also in people."

Luca Scacchetti

Amura opens its doors to 2020 reintroducing "Botanica", a composition of three armchairs designed by Luca Scacchetti.

Through his intuitions Luca scacchetti has modified and enriched the Amura team features.

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