Authentic Inspiration - Amura


Amura narrates his fatherland and main inspiration with a photographic series and a short feature shot between Altamura, Matera and the Murge, in which the protagonists are all the colors, shapes, scents and authentic flavours that represent the territory.

In a continuous play between cultural heritage and company’s know-how, two storylines narrate the suggestions that inspire the Lapis and Panis collections; on one side the walk through streets, on the other the baker kneading the bread. The two journey have in common not only the places, but the slow gestures of the protagonists marking a slowed down time, to be savoured without rush.

The meeting point of the two stories, where the ideas and processes that bring to the creation of each furniture piece converge, represents the continuum between the stylistic choices of Amura, the fusion between tradition and innovation, contemporariness and style.

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Since day one Amura has expressed, through his collections of upholstery and furniture, the ultimate synthesis of past and present, tradition and innovation, cultural heritage and new technologies.

Born in a land blessed with a fragile and honest beauty, the brand manufactures design products of the highest quality, environmentally respectful, rooted in the founding elements of the local tradition.

Colours, shapes, scents, flavours: the authentic inspiration of Amura comes from the senses, from the unmistakable charm that the territory of Altamura, Matera and Murge evokes for anyone who lives or visits there; local peculiarities that have become synonym of Made in Italy quality all over the world.

Hints to the land, the origins, the culinary and rural tradition, masterly translated into products dedicated to the wellbeing; the Amura collections are an invitation to live slowly, to savour every moment, enjoy every nuance to fin the authentic essence of life.

The upholstery collection Lapis is inspired by the geometries and joints of the stones, sanded by the passing of time, of the ancient Roman streets: an original play of volumes and tri-dimensional shapes that gives live to the living concept designed by Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell.

Simple but refined design, in which the various modular elements supply a new interpretation of the relaxing experience, recuperating the temporal dimension as the primary element of the human well-being.

Square and irregular shapes are combined to create reflecting surfaces of different shape and size, to personalise, with taste, any ambient.

In 2019 Lapis is enriched by a new element, the bed, always developed through the correct balance of different volumes: the materic nature is evident, and underlined by the use of leather or fabric for the coverage, and the choice of enveloping, relaxing nuances.

Soft and generous shapes for the Panis collection by Gargano and Cristell, more than just a homage, a heartfelt love letter to the millenary tradition of bread-making in Altamura.

Shapes and colours that we find in the assertive and essential lines of the elements of the collection, which included seating, sofa, bed and ottoman.

The latter, in particular, narrates in the most immediate fashion the essence of the project, thanks to the evident hints to the cuts applied on the dough, that determines the loaf’s shape.

An invitation to encounters, to conviviality, to discover again the pleasure of sharing our own time with others.

The Panis collection is completed with the versatile occasional tables Setacci, born out of the same inspiration as the seating collection.

Formally inspired by the ancient sieves, they feature perforated tops in metal, wood or cuoio; the same materials feature in the base, made by a single curved surface, kept together with cuoio stitching.